Bible Drill
Sundays 6:00 PM

Bible Drillers can pick up a Resource Packet and begin working at home. Bible Drillers meet w/ their leaders on Sundays @ 6:00 PM

Children’s Bible Drill is a discipleship program for children (grades 4-6) with a long history of helping churches be intentional about developing Bible skills to aid in turning our kids into passionate followers of Christ. The goal of Bible Drill is to help children increase in their knowledge of the Bible by

  • developing skills in locating Bible books and key passages of Scripture
  • memorizing the names of the books of the Bible in order
  • memorizing core Bible verses
  • learning  to apply the Bible to their lives

Getting children excited about and comfortable with using the Bible lays a foundation for the study of God’s Word as they continue to grow. The techniques used in Bible Drill will stay with children for the rest of their lives.