We are so glad that you are taking the time to celebrate the birth of our Savior with your family! Take your time to read through the scriptures and sing the Christmas Carols listed below.

     You are able to click on the song titles to open YouTube videos of the Christmas Carols for family to sing along. I have embedded hyperlinks on every scripture and song title to take you straight to them. We would like to thank Amy Roberts from RaisingArrows.net for sharing this Christmas Eve Candlelight Vigil.

                              *Please be careful using an open flame!
                              (Especially with younger children).

We pray that this will be an incredible experience with your family!  
Merry CHRISTmas! Pastor Greg - Burkemont Baptist Church


One quiet, darkened candle stands waiting. Four thousand years of waiting in cold, desolate sadness. Waiting for the advent of a Savior - the promised One - the fulfillment of our longing.