06 Jun

Preschoolers (all 3- to  kindergarten) have a special Scuba program of their own!
Little ones gather with the older kids for Sing & Play Splash each day to sing the amazing songs; learn the Bible Point, Bible verse, and Bible story; and see the daily Buddy intro videos. This allows little ones to meet their Preschool Director, Crew Leaders, and Crew members.

Preschoolers have special Tide Pool Preschool area. We’ve worked with preschool experts to design a format that gives preschoolers a little less structure and more free-choice play, resulting in smoother transitions and a simpler learning environment. The Tide Pool Preschool Director Manual contains complete instructions for setting up, organizing, and running the preschool-age program, and the preschool station leader manuals include supply lists and instructions for all these fun, age-appropriate preschool activities.

• Your little learners ease into their day by choosing from a variety of hands-on Exploration Stations that reinforce the Bible Point. (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE EXPLORATION STATIONS GUIDE).

• Then preschoolers join together for big, interactive Bible Adventures & Missions. (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE BIBLE ADVENTURES GUIDE)>

• Kids get a chance to get messy with irresistible Craft & Play activities. (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD CRAFT & PLAY GUIDE).

• Little learners have their own way to explore God’s Word in Sticky Scripture. (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD GUIDE).

• Preschoolers head to Games for high-energy play that’s guaranteed to wear out their wiggles. (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PRESCHOOL GAME GUIDE).

• Finally, preschool Crews come together for a quick review and interactive prayer experience at Closing Circle before parents arrive to take them home. (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE CLOSING CIRCLE GUIDE).


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