06 Jun

 Sing & Play Splash

The Sing &  Play Splash Leader introduces the Bible Point, key Bible verse, and Bible Memory Buddy each day. Each day, kids sing the theme song, “Thanks, God,” a celebration of gratitude to God. In addition to fun praise songs, kids sing at least one song each day that specifically ties to that day’s Bible Point.

Deep Bible Adventures

 The Deep Bible Adventures Leader repeats the Bible Point each day. Kids experience the daily Bible story in a way that engages them physically and emotionally. Crew Leaders guide small-group discussions where kids connect their unforgettable Bible experiences to real life. 

Tidal Treats & Sticky Scripture Combo

Each day’s snack connects to the Bible Point. While Crews eat, they can use the fun activities on their daily schedules to help everyone get to know each other better. It’s time meant for making friends and gives kids some relaxed space to really download all they’re learning each day.  //  The Sticky Scripture Leader repeats the Bible Point each day. The daily Bible verse is reinforced as children watch and interact with the immersive video. Crews practice finding, reading, and marking each day’s key Bible verse in the Gospel of John. 

Imagination Station

The Imagination Station Leader repeats the Bible Point each day. Kids dive into exciting experiments that connect to the day’s Bible story and Point. The Imagination Station Leader uses a Crew Teaching Kit to let kids take part in cool science experiments that point to God. (These are more than just demonstrations kids watch!) 

Reef Rec 

The games leader repeats the Bible Point each day and offers an introduction to the Operation Kid-to-Kid project on Day 1. Kids play games that connect with the daily Bible Point. Each day there are three fun game options to choose from. Days 2 through 5 each include a game that connects to Operation Kid-to-Kid. Each day, Crews at one of the Reef Rec rotations participate in a photo shoot with the Spotlight VBS photographer for the Spotlight VBS slideshow. Kids listen to Sing & Play Splash songs as they play games.

Fin-tastic Finale

The Leader repeats the Bible Point each day. Kids watch the special daily Spotlight VBS slideshow — featuring photographs of the kids at your VBS taken during Reef Rec—that reminds them of the daily Bible story and Point. Kids sing the Sing & Play Splash songs they’ve learned that day. The Fin-tastic Finale Leader uses drama experiences and engaging object lessons to help kids apply what they’ve learned throughout the day.

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