Family Devo: START HERE!
Setting Realistic Expectations

15 Marks to Family Time Success

  1. Pick a convenient time free of distractions that fits the rhythm of your home.
  2. Choose a devotional, resource, etc. you can make “your own.”
  3. Before you begin, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to be the teacher.
  4. Keep your presentation short.
  5. Prepare open-ended questions and invite discussion.
  6. Expect questions you cannot answer.
  7. Do NOT be afraid to say, “I do NOT know…but let’s find out together.”
  8. Have fun, be silly and creative.
  9. Don’t expect perfection.
  10.   Don’t expect perfect behavior.
  11.   Look for the teachable moment (ah-ha moments).
  12.   Don’t be afraid to run rabbit trails.
  13.   Have everyone keep a journal.
  14.   Pray for specific needs of family, neighbors and friends.
  15.   Make this a reoccurring time with your family and strive to protect it.