Kids S.S.
Sundays 9:00 AM. 3rd Floor Kids Dept.

We have a wonderful team of great teachers for our Sunday School classes for 1st through 6th Grades.

The Whole Truth for the Whole Kid

As kids grow, their understanding of foundational truths grows with them. That’s why Bible Studies for Life: Kids is built on the Levels of Biblical Learning®. From babies to preteens, we design studies around the way kids learn best. This ensures every kid in your church has a transformative, age-appropriate encounter with God’s Word so that you can invest your energy where it’s needed most: your kids!

Champion Biblical Literacy

Session by session, your kids will practice the skills required to better read, know, and apply God’s Word. 

Every Book for Every Kid

Help your kids understand the key truths and takeaways from every book of the Bible, not just the books that are more familiar.  

Have Fun in God’s Word

Kids are fun! After all, God made them that way. We believe studying the Bible can be both deep and fun for every kid. 

Our Kids S.S. great teaching team: 

1st Graders in Room 301with  Mr. Wes Mrs. Stephanie

2nd Graders are in Room 302 with Mrs. Marsha & Mrs. Ruthie 

3rd Graders are in Room 302 with Mrs. Janet & Mrs. Darlene

4th Graders are in Room 303 with Mrs. Anita

5th Graders are in Room 304 with Mr. Aaron, Mrs. Cari 

6th Graders are in Room 305 with Mrs. Maggie,  Mr. Ned & Mrs. Stephanie

We also have Mrs. Christy & Mrs. Sibyl on our Teaching Team that fill in!

Children's Department Director is Mrs. Melody

Associate Pastor of Children & Families is Pastor Greg